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The TDEA Management prides itself on being a people’s organization that continuously yearns to strengthen its role as an employer. From a team of no more than seven employees in 2008, TDEA has come to an employee base of more than a hundred employees in just three years and expects a matching growth in the upcoming years.

Principles of Appointment

TDEA is built on the principles of inclusion, neutrality and transparency and ensures these values through a transparent and objective recruitment process. TDEA observes the following principles for the appointments:

  1.  Equal Opportunity: The staff is selected without discrimination on the basis of race, sex, cast, creed, or religion. However, preference is given to female candidates as an affirmative action in consideration to the lack of opportunity for females in the society.
  2.  Open Competition: Selection is made on competitive basis.
  3.  Special Consideration: Present or previous TDEA-FAFEN staff and persons with disabilities are given special consideration.

TDEA as an Employer

It is a challenge for any organization in the Development Sector to provide job security to its contractual employees, and keep them retained and motivated. TDEA-FAFEN has dealt with the challenge through furthering its institutional structure, its Endowment Fund and through the introduction of long-term benefits to its employees and linking performance with retention.

  • Inclusion: A culture of empowerment and constant feedback whether it is through staff meetings, surveys or informal communication.
  • Integration:  A cohesive and diverse team that works in harmony towards the same goals. An equitable salary structure ensures that compensations are consistent, fair and objective and an accompanying fair and encouraging culture keeps the employees happy, healthy and motived.
  • Neutrality:  All processes are well-documented and quantified in a manner to maximize objectivity.
  • Transparency: Transparency is a fundamental function of every process in the organization.
  • Accountability: All levels of the organization are equally accountable about their responsibilities, promoting a performance-driven culture of equality.
  • Robust Methodology: All areas of employee management are extensive, quantified and implemented by different committees to ensure efficiency, precision and objectivity. An objective and analytical process determines best Job-Person fits, improving motivation through suitability of skillset and competencies.
  • Growth Prospects: Through vertical expansion within grades, the organization enables each grade with adequate capacity for regular promotions on a consistent basis. Consistent growth opportunities within the organization keep the employees engaged and focused towards their responsibilities and as a result enhance productivity.
  • Benefits: Performance-based awards contribute to the productivity of the organization, having a parallel impact on the positivity and professionalism of the work culture. The introduction of Medical Insurance, Provident Fund and Gratuity is not only reinforcing the role of performance in an employee’s job security and growth opportunities at TDEA but also plays a significant role in improving retention and strengthen the relationship with the employee.
  • Bonuses and Increments: Bonuses to lower grades and annual increments to all employees strengthen TDEA’s bond with its employees and establishes its role as a beneficiary across all grades irrespective of performance.

The Process

TDEA believes in following its values of inclusion, transparency and neutrality in its recruitment. Detailed assessments are designed in relevance to the requirements of the position and applicants are processed for their skills, competencies, knowledge and attitudes through tools such as interviews, written tests, presentation delivery, computer-based tests or group-discussion assessments. The weightage, tools and indicators of an assessment are dependent on the job’s requirement. For transparency, TDEA shares the results with all applicants, clearing out any ambiguities and addressing concerns. After this exercise, candidates scoring the highest marks are selected for the position.

TDEA ensures the valuable feedback of its applicants through a Feedback Form and continues to improve its hiring process for successful, transparent and unbiased hiring. If you have been through the TDEA hiring process and haven’t given your input on how to further improve the process, please go to the following link to fill out the Recruitment Feedback Form.