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Inside Parliament

Keep track of national and regional issues taken up by the National Assembly, Senate and the four provincial assemblies as FAFEN observers minutely detail, document and report their performance.

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Election Observation & Voter Education

Have an in-depth look at elections in Pakistan – from historical background to vital statistics to efforts that help make polls free and fair for an uninterrupted and dynamic democratic culture.

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Governance Monitoring

Keeping an eye on what the government does not only helps inform people about the performance of public institutions but also gives them a sense of participation in governance.

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Political Finance

It has been said that when you don’t control money in politics, money controls politics. Find out what assets the public representatives you voted to legislatures possess.

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Political & Electoral Violence

Violence disrupts lives and causes physical pain. In every form it leaves scars that take years to heal. Here’s a close and realistic look at political and electoral violence in Pakistan.

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Active Citizenry

Without people’s participation, especially the youth, all plans, policies and projects seldom produce the desired results. Explore opportunities to become part of inspiring people who work for change - a change that benefits all.

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